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Space, so I am.


INSTALLATION • MY space / space so I am


MATERIALS • Plastic bags, tape, zip, fan

LOCATION • Shanghai

TEXT • Francesco Ogliari 

YEAR • 2014 



Space so I am.

Spaces to fill. The room around me, hall, kitchen, study. My Home. The House I Live in. The spaces that I empty I fill again. The roads with thousand cars , parking, crowded subways. The head, my belly. My mouth is full and my eyes also. The restaurants without booking, bars, taxis. The toilet, all of the toilets in which I plugged my nose because it was filled by someone else. The glass half empty and half-full. Those places that I want to keep in my heart and carry them away, wherever I'm going. Those spaces that are filled with the things that I bought, I create, I crowed myself and also things that I abandonment in same filled box. Tables without space, filled with tools, shelves bulging with unusable space. 
Those spaces that ever leave me, even when I forget where they are. That space that I would like to fill in someone, maybe somewhere. The spaces I walk, I touch, I smell, I breathe, I pay, I dance, I smoke and I laugh. Those spaces that I listen with my eyes closed to feel how big they are. Spaces where I remain. Spaces that i need and spaces that i don’t need. Spaces that I've taken with me, spaces that I've created, spaces that protect me from lack of space.
My space.
Everything is enclosed in a flash of insanity, in a second ... in a creative idea that you can not keep inside. Sometimes you just need to do what you have to do, hear your needs, follow your idea and jump without fear. 
I followed my idea ... I created my own inflatable space with common plastic bags and tape. Almost four cubic metro of space able to be folding in a shoe box… folder up and blow where I want and each time regenerate MY space.

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